It was back in 2015 when I filmed my first wedding. It was intended as a gift and I never imagined it would blossom into Nathan Buck Films.

It wasn’t born out of necessity, but out of my love for telling a story.

For me, weddings have always been about so much more than just the couple. It’s for the parents, watching their children start a new chapter in their lives. It’s about the entire family coming together. Making time for each other to catch up, laugh and reminisce fondly about days gone by.

Then there’s those friends who you are constantly trying to meet up with – but life always gets in the way. I’ve come to learn that, somehow, for your wedding, friends find a way to be there.

Let’s not forget about the grandparents. Looking on proudly at their children’s children, wondering how on earth they made this moment come to be.

You can capture it all

And in thirty years’ time, when you’ve both got a few more wrinkles and have carved a new path in the world – you’ll stumble across your wedding video – and you’ll see Dad “back when he had hair”. Mum, wearing THAT hat (it was fashionable at the time) and Granny, with her… well, she was perfect, wasn’t she?

Film captures memories in a way that photos never can

2015 wasn’t just the start of Nathan Buck Films, I also met an incredible person of my own. In 2016 we left for Australia and my professional filmmaking sadly got put on pause. But it’s now 2019 and I’m finally back on home soil, taking new bookings!

Well, after my own wedding, of course… and yes, we have hired a videographer…