If you’re reading this – it either means you’ve sought me directly, or you have trawled in vain to the millionth page of Google in search of only the most perfect person to capture your day. If it’s the former – thank you! If it’s the latter – I applaud your determination and I also apologise for not spending more on Google advertising…

Film Captures Memories in a way that Photos never can.

Well – I’m Nathan – although most people just call me Nath. I’ve been pointing cameras at things for over ten years now and it’s taken me all over the world – but weddings were a bit of a happy accident.

The truth is, I love filming weddings and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t. My background is actually in journalism, so I guess I have always had a natural interest in capturing the story. There’s something about the authentic emotion of weddings that keeps me coming back.

Photo by the talented Sarah at Key Reflections

A Story Told By You

Style shoot at The Leadmill
photo by Hannah Soar

A lot of wedding filmmakers refer to themselves as ‘storytellers’ – but you would be mistaken to think it’s myself that tells the story of your day – it isn’t, it’s you! From your vows, to your speeches, to your first dance and every little moment in-between. The story of how you arrived at this moment has already been written – all I do is document it, with the sole aim of presenting it in a manner that captures the essence of your relationship.

In order to get only the most natural moments, I usually adopt a “fly-on-the-wall” approach to filming and the majority of the time you’ll be so caught up in the activities of the day that you won’t even notice I’m there. As for the camera shy among you – you can just focus on being yourself, enjoying your day and leaving the rest up to me.

Most importantly, I recognise that every wedding is unique. I’ll never treat yours like “just another booking” in my calendar. It’s a personal event and deserves a personal touch. So if you ever want to ask anything that might seem a little out of the ordinary – please do, because I’m probably up for it!

If you like what you see or just want to ask more questions, please head over to my contact page or socials and drop me a message. Thanks!